Health and Hygiene Item Drive

With all the hustle and bustle with the upcoming holidays, it is easy for us to forget about the less fortunate, especially when we are talking about our friends and neighbors in small, rural towns. The Elmwood High School Student Council is looking to remedy this problem, one item at a time. “The elementary school has always done a food drive, but what about other things that people need, like health and hygiene items?” says MaryBeth DeVries, chairman of the project. “People that normally would have money for basic health items suddenly have to pay for toys. What is a family with limited funds supposed to do?” For the entire month of November, community members can bring health and hygiene items (ie: shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, soap, etc) to one of four area drop-offs: In Elmwood, Bean’s Family Market, Elmwood Pharmacy, and Elmwood Community Bank, as well as County Market in Farmington. The items collected will then be made into care pack bundles and distributed to area food pantries.



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