Art Department Wins First In Prairieland Conference Art Show!

Once again this year the Elmwood High School art students participated in the Prairieland Art Competition. While the show was virtual, Astoria High School was the host and organizer for the thirteen schools competing this year. Elmwood students entered works in most all of the twenty-one categories. This year, the judges from Western Illinois University evaluated and selected winners awarding first through fifth in each of the categories. After all the ribbons and points were awarded the Elmwood art students became this year’s conference champs with first place overall. Congratulations to the following students for receiving awards. Links to the show and award winners links below.

Kayla Harvey 2nd Pastel

Olivia Stage 1st Pastel

Tekoa Kellenberger 3rd Printmaking

Samantha Seipel 2nd Printmaking

4th Textiles

2nd Charcoal

Ryan Centers 1st Printmaking

Brock Schmick 3rd Multi- media

2nd Pencil drawing

4th Functional Ceramics

Alexa Salverson 2nd Textiles

1st Large Sculpture

Student Choice- Large Sculpture. Textiles

and Photography Non- Altered

Abby Colgan 1st Functional Ceramics

Allie Crisco 1st Non-functional Ceramics

Alexa Newman 3rd Pencil Drawing

Presley Carver 1st Color Pencil

Marra Seibert 3rd Charcoal

4th Small Sculpture

5th Photography Non-Altered

3rd Photography Altered

Student choice -small sculpture

Maddie Herman 1st Large Sculpture

2nd Photography -Non-Altered

Riley Malone 2nd Photography Altered

1st photography Non-altered

Isabella Davis Student Choice Functional ceramics

Link to the virtual show

Judges awards in each category listed fifth to first

Judge #1

Judge #2

Judge #3

List of all winners

Student choice winners



Small Heading