The May Family

The Elmwood Community Foundation is thrilled to announce that Bremer Jewelry and owners Justin & Julie May and Family have pledged $50,000 in support of the new Ag / Trades / Industrial Arts Building at Elmwood High School. Justin and Julie gave this gift in honor of Claude Keefer and in support for naming the new building the Claude W. Keefer Industrial Arts Building.

Justin and Julie (EHS Alum 2000) are the new owners of Bremer Jewelry in Peoria, IL.  When asked why this gift was so meaningful to them; Justin shared:

“Once Julie and I read in the post that Elmwood High School needed funding for a new Industrial Arts Building we wanted to know more. Bremer Jewelry and our family are excited to partner with Elmwood High School and the Elmwood Community Foundation to help offer a better experience for our kids in hopes they will learn more hands on “trade skills” while in school.


After reading the article we noticed that Claude Keefer was involved, we felt compelled to help. As most people in Elmwood know, there isn’t another person who cares more about our kids or other people in the community than Claude. Recently I was thanking Claude for helping my mom with something at her house that was broken. She did not ask him to come over yet he, Dave Hall and Bob Cafferty all felt the need to help anyway. I told Claude how thankful I was that he, Dave and Bob would help her out when they really did not have to. Claude told me, “Justin when you run into people in life that are kind and giving, it is your responsibility to give all you can to them when they are in need.”


This donation is intended to speak about the character of a man that cares about others and shows what the true meaning of being “hands-on” in someone else’s life can do for them and others.”


Justin & Julie May

Bremer Jewelry


The Elmwood Community Foundation and Elmwood C.U.S.D. #322 expresses their tremendous gratitude to the May Family and Bremer Jewelry for their compassionate and generous gift.

To join this worthwhile effort and support students in Elmwood C.U.S.D. #322 gain valuable experience and skills through a robust Industrial Arts program, your tax-deductible gift, payable to Elmwood Community Foundation, may be mailed to:

Elmwood Community Foundation

PO Box 131

Elmwood, IL 61529